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Join us on Thursday August 9, 2018 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Marriott Fort Lauderdale North. John Dalton of Optimum RTS will give us valuable insight on the ways of millennials! Bring a friend and join us!






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Earlier this year, professional tennis player and female entrepreneur Maria Sharapova announced a very special partnership with NAWBO.  The Maria Sharapova Women's Entrepreneur Progam offered seven NAWBO members the opportunity to receive educational training and mentoring experience over the course of 12 months from Maria and her Sugarpova team as well as from the NAWBO Institute.  The mentorship promised to include both in-person and virtual monthly sessions, as well as peer-to-peer support.  Once chosen, the participants would not only have access to Maria, but also to her personal business resources to help them grow and reach their goals.  A unique and life-changing opportunity.

Between April and May of 2018, hundreds of NAWBO members submitted their applications for consideration in this program.  The depth of talent made picking the finalists extremely difficult.  Eventually, the "Spectacular Seven" were chosen and announced in July of 2018.  They are: 

  • Reema Dutt, LuminouStudios, NAWBO Los Angeles
  • Camille Vizzavona, Birthstone Scents, NAWBO Los Angeles
  • Deanna Montrose, Paraffin International, Inc., NAWBO Phoenix
  • Kelly Parthen, Bean Sprouts, NAWBO Orange County
  • Lindsay Wilson, Ink Factory, NAWBO Chicago
  • Denise Doczy Delong, Singleton Construction, NAWBO Columbus
  • Kimmi Wernli, Crazy Richards Peanut Butter Company, NAWBO Columbus

Opportunities such as these are exactly what NAWBO is all about.  Developing strategic partnerships and always searching for ways to support women business owners across the country as they soar to new heights is one of the most exciting benefits of membership.  Female powerhouses such as Maria Sharapova have a strong desire to help other women succeed and they recognize the importance and contribution of NAWBO to make an impact.  

As their mentoring year progresses, there is no doubt these chosen participants will share their experiences, because that is what NAWBO sisters do.  They learn and pass their knowledge along.  It will be a very exciting year - a year from which all NAWBO members will glean knowledge and motivation - and the springboard for many more such opportunities.  


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Member Spotlight

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Women In Business - Women In the News


NAWBO Broward/Palm Beach in the News!

Pictured Below: NAWBO Sisters and Family Members celebrating Chapter President Inez Romaguera's 10 Years in Business.  Congratulations to Inez and her company Strategic Benefits!  #NAWBO #WorkWellLiveWell #WomenInBusiness #Celebrate 

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