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Calendar of Events

Join us for the first Chapter meeting of 2019!  We'll welcome national speaker Eli Dagostino on Thursday January 10 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Marriott Fort Lauderdale North. He'll teach us how to storytell to sell, without feeling "salesy."   REGISTER HERE.


Our Mid-Year Retreat is Saturday Jan. 12 in Pembroke Pines from 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  Join us and bring a friend!

We have an excellent Mid-Year Retreat program planned.  In addition to food, drink, and #girlboss bonding, we will welcome two outstanding speakers to get our 2019 off to a great start.  Don't miss this opportunity to spend some quality time with your NAWBO sisters.  Current and Potential NAWBO members are all welcome, and the dress code is ultra-casual (yoga pants and flip-flops encouraged).  Read on for information about our keynote presenters.

LaRita JarvisThrough The Looking Glass: How do others see you?  In this session, we'll learn to look through the lens of others to identify where we're most at risk for being misunderstood. Together, in this safe and supportive environment, we'll uncover specific perceptions people have that may be limiting us from having the impact we desire. All attendees will walk away with a personal action plan for leveraging their unique strengths to be the very best version of themselves in 2019.

LaRita Jarvis is the Founder and Chief Innovator of LaRita Jarvis & Co. As a behavioral scientist and leader of the Contagious Compassion Movement, LaRita shares straightforward techniques for leveraging difficult conversations as a way to strengthen relationships. LaRita is fiercely committed to helping people adapt the way they communicate, so they can be heard and understood. For decades she's used her background in Industrial & Organizational Psychology to create transformative learning opportunities for all types of businesses. Her work is published in the Journal of Research in Personality and the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Allyson TomchinThe Change: I am not talking about menopause! This talk will focus on the emotional aspects of change; why we make changes in our work and in our lives, how we make these changes, and what has to happen to keep the momentum alive.  This will be an interactive discussion.  

Allyson Tomchin, LCSW is a psychotherapist, Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, Qualified Parenting Coordinator, and owner of Directive Energy Inc. She offers counseling, coaching, family mediation, and parenting coordination with offices in Hollywood and Boca Raton. Throughout her dynamic career, Allyson has touched many lives and organizations with her uncanny ability to identify areas of issue that complicate growth and success. With over 25 years of clinical experience and her sound wellness background, Allyson brings a sense of urgency in helping you to be your best self emotionally and spiritually.  She is a past contributor to South Florida Parenting Magazine, an adjunct Professor at FAU, and a past Board member for NAWBO the National Association of Women Business Owners.  








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Monthly Article

The holiday season is over and 2019 has arrived. It always feels like a fresh start. Regardless of what has gone on before or the resolutions we've made and failed to keep, every New Year is bursting with promise. There must something in our biology that makes this so because no matter how often we fall short (or perceive that we fall short), we go through the motions the following year with enthusiasm and optimism.  

What if this year we went all out and wrote down a few really big goals alongside our "reasonable" goals?  Would that set us up for spectacular failure or massive success?  Our first instinct might be that we would be setting ourselves up for spectacular failure, but more likely, we'll meet with massive success. 

Why is this?  Well, for human beings, massive success requires transformation.  While small focused action repeated consistently over time reap results, to really grow, we have to have some audacious goals on our list as well. 

If we only write down reasonable goals, and aim for "average" gains, we'll put in average effort. This average effort will get a few goals checked off the list, but we won't see a radical change in our lives.  In order to transform we need a goal that will require massive effort.  If we put forth that massive effort, the return will be life-changing.

We also might want to look at the way we approach problem-solving this year.  Problems will arise during our massive effort to reach our audacious goal, of that we can be sure.  But what if we approach problem-solving with "coulda" instead of a "shoulda?"  

If a problem presents itself and we ask ourselves what we should do, immediately our mindset shrinks and we feel stressed.  If we take that same problem and ask ourselves what we could do, creativity is automatically unleashed and the "problem" becomes an opportunity quickly.  A simple perspective shift can change everything.

There will be those among us who will not set any specific goals this year, audacious or otherwise. That's ok too. But for those of us who look forward to the month of January and see another chance to live our best life, this could be the year our audacious goals help us lasso the moon.  Doesn't that sound amazing?  Welcome 2019!

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Member Spotlight

Nanci Landy is an entrepreneur through and through.  She has been a proud and active NAWBO member since 1995, first with the Miami Chapter, and beginning in 1999, with Broward/Palm Beach. Throughout her membership, she has started and grown several businesses. Currently, she owns and runs MST Dumpsters, a successful dumpster company that rents 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard open-top roll-off dumpsters for construction and home improvement projects.  

The best piece of advice Nanci received when she started her first business, a law firm, was to join NAWBO.  Normally paid to give advice instead of take it, she took this particular client's suggestion and attended a NAWBO meeting to see what it was all about. At first, she went with the expectation of getting more clients. Very quickly she knew she had stumbled on to something special - an organization that could provide so much more.

At her first NAWBO meeting, Nanci was struck by how warm and welcoming the members were. It made an impression on her, especially because she has always considered herself an introvert.  Over time, the women she met at NAWBO became her friends, her board of directors, and her support group.  These things have proven to be much more valuable in the long run than a new client. As a matter of fact, because of the support she received at NAWBO, she realized that she wasn't just a lawyer, she was an entrepreneur. 

Nanci has held a variety of leadership positions with both the Miami and Broward/Palm Beach Chapters and was a two-term President of Broward/Palm Beach from 2004-2006.  She has the distinction of being the longest standing member of NAWBO Broward/Palm Beach, with two decades of loyalty and service.

An avid biker, her favorite community activity is participating in the annual Toys in the Sun Run, held each December, where the motorcycle community comes together to collect toys and funds benefiting needy children all over South Florida. 

If she weren't an entrepreneur, Nanci believes she'd still be an entrepreneur!  After so many years as her own boss, she admits she could never again work happily for someone else.  But if money were no object, she'd travel the world, and then come back and start another business.  After all, without a business, she'd have to give up her NAWBO membership, and that is something she would never do!


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Women In Business - Women In the News

NAWBO Members: Do you have good news to share about you or your business? Are you expanding? Have you been booked for a speaking engagement? Have you hired new staff? We want to celebrate you!  Please send an email to Teana@3econnections.com and we'll get the word out!!!

NAWBO Women In The News!  Click on the links and images to see NAWBO Broward/Palm Beach members making an impact.

Opportunity Below!  If interested, please contact: 

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